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About UnderGround

This is a main pve raiding guild starting at Naxxramas and Ulduaman. We just started the guild since 14-04-2009. I hope in the near future we can go for the 25 man raid but for now we just start 10 man raids.                                            



1. Do not raid with other guilds than only us for 10 man raids

2. Always Be polite

3. Always be 20 minutes online before the raid starts if you are a raid member

4. If there is a day you can not be in the raid, let the Guild Master know 2 to 3 days before the raid STARTS

5. Install addons. (Deadly boss mod, Omen, Recount, Xperl)


Useful Information

 After the new patch 3.1.0, you can learn "Dual Talent Specialization"

  • This would let you be able to switch talent specs which would take about 5 seconds but all you're mana will reset to zero.
  • The minimum level to use this is 40.
  • The "Dual Talent" ability would cost 1000 Gold.
  • Switching Talents can be done anywhere.
  • Switching talents can not be done while in combat, Arenas, or Battlegrounds.






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